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Obituary of John L Daly
by Ray Evans and Rachel Daly

Tribute to John Daly
by John Brignell

Originally from Britain, I came to live in Tasmania in 1980, settling near Launceston, and for the last 9 years have been one of the numerous `skeptics' speaking out publicly against the Global Warming scare, which makes exaggerated claims that the earth will warm by +1.5 to +6 deg. C. due to an enhanced Greenhouse Effect.

Climate and climate change has been a lifelong study of mine since my early days as a ship's officer in the British Merchant Navy.  I have lived through and traced the progress of the `ice age' scare of the 1970's, the `nuclear winter' scare of the 1980s, and now the `global warming' scare of the present.  All these scares have advanced the interests of what was a small academic discipline 30 years ago to become a mammoth global industry today. It is my view that this industry has, through the `politics of fear' which it has promoted, acted against the interests of the public. 

 I am the author of "The Greenhouse Trap", (Bantam Books, 1989), and also of articles and papers in New Zealand Science Monthly, New Woman, Forest Industries Journal , Norwegian Oil Review, papers in "Climate Change" (Univ. of Western Sydney) and for the 1990 ANZAAS Congress. Written and verbal submissions to the Industry Commission and the 1996 National Greenhouse Response Strategy Review

Numerous invited talks to community groups in Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales and the A.C.T. on climate change issues.

Participated in several talkback radio and TV interviews and was interviewed for Australian newspaper articles and features on the Greenhouse Effect. Provided research assistance to the UK Channel 4 TV `Equinox' production "The Greenhouse Conspiracy" in 1991 and was also extensively interviewed in, and contributed research to, Australia Channel 9's `cover story' on Greenhouse in their `Sunday' program in April 1993. Also contributed to a TV documentary on Greenhouse by the Finnish Broadcasting Company. 


Published articles and public submissions on climate change.

Daly J., "The Greenhouse Trap - why the Greenhouse Effect will not end Life on Earth", Bantam Books, Sydney, 1989, ISBN 0-947-189-77-7

Daly J., "Climate of Opinion", New Zealand Science Monthly, Sep-1990

Daly J., "The Greenhouse Effect: Is It Just Hot Air?", New Woman, Jan 1990, p.132.

Daly J., "Holes in the Greenhouse", Australian Forest Industries Jnl. Sep-1990, p.10

Daly J., "The Luke-Warm Greenhouse", ANZAAS Congress, Hobart 1990, Univ of New South Wales archive, 1990.

Daly J., "Greenhouse - A Dissenting View", from Burgin S. (Ed.), "Climate Change - Implications for Natural Resource Conservation", Univ. of Western Sydney, Nov 1993, p.35-52

Daly J., "A Critique of - `Developing Regional Climate Change Scenarios: Their Reliability and Seriousness' by Dr Barrie Pittock", from Burgin S. (Ed.), "Climate Change - Implications for Natural Resource Conservation", Univ. of Western Sydney, Nov 1993, p.29-34

Daly J., submission to "The Costs & Benefits Of Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions", Industry Commission, Canberra, 1994 - Also gave a verbal submission to the Commission in Hobart.

Daly J., "Waiting For Greenhouse", submission to National Greenhouse Response Strategy Review, Canberra, 1996

Daly, John L., "Australia Refuses To Sacrifice Future: Cool Realism From Potential Ally - Will Norway Listen?", Norwegian Oil Review, Vol 23 No. 7, pp26-32, August 1997

2000 -     Written submission to the Australian parliament's Joint Standing Committee on Treaties, 2000

May 2000 - Presentation to the inaugural conference of the Lavoisier Group, Melbourne

July 2000 - Presentation on the current state of climate science to a group of 42 Government Members of Parliament at Parliament House, Canberra.

2000 - Five major reports on aspects of climate science for the Greening Earth Society, Washington DC

Sept 2001 - Presentation on climate science to the Lavoisier Group, Melbourne

Founder of `Still Waiting for Greenhouse' website

Public Debates with Greenhouse scientists

1989     ABC Radio, Sydney. Debate with Dr Barrie PIttock of CSIRO

1989     ABC Radio, Melbourne. Debate with Bill Hare,
                     deputy directory of the Australian Conservation Foundation

1989     ABC Radio, Tasmania. Debate with Dr John Todd, University of Tasmania

1990    Carlton Club, Melbourne. Invited public debate with Dr Graeme Pearman of CSIRO

1992    University of Western Sydney. Conference debate with Dr Barrie Pittock of CSIRO

1999    Crown Casino, Melbourne. Public debate with Prof. Ian Lowe of Griffith University, Brisbane

1999    Melbourne Radio FM, `Prodos' programme. Debate with Dr Willem Bouma, CSIRO Atmospheric Division.

2001    Engineering Australia annual conference.  Debate with Dr Chris Mitchell, CSIRO Atmospheric Division

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