Greenhouse Issues
  John L. Daly

  Sea Level at Hobart, Tasmania: A Failure to Authenticate  -  In April 2003, three of the scientists involved in the earlier claims that sea level had risen at the `Isle of the Dead' published a new paper in Geophysical Research Letters in which they sought to reinforce their claims with new information about tides and sea level at nearby Hobart, Tasmania, information which had not been presented by them in their earlier, more detailed, paper of November 2002.   The key reference they provided for this new information proved to be inadequate and of little value in supporting their claims.   But another, more significant, problem in their paper was also found.    (11 June 2003)

Suzuki's Home Town - London, Ontario, Canada  - David Suzuki says winter comes later now in his boyhood home town.  But the weather records from there and nearby show his claim is false.  (26 Apr 03)

 Tasmanian Sea Levels:  The Isle of the Dead Revisited   (2 Feb 2003) A detailed report on the 160-year-old sea level benchmark at Port Arthur, Tasmania, which some scientists think is evidence of sea level rise, but which actually shows no such thing.

  Greens Sue U.S. Government (31 Aug 02)  Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth have mounted a lawsuit against the US government.  But why has the City of Boulder, Colorado, joined them?  Find out here.

  "Australia ratifies the Kyoto Protocol - and implements it how, exactly?" (21 Aug 02) - A discussion on the economic impact Kyoto would have on Australia.

  Badwater (19 Jul 02).  A world record in the making...

 TOPEX-Poseidon Radar Altimetry:  Averaging the Averages  (5 Dec 2001). 
Just how accurate is sea level monitoring from satellites?

  `Making' the News:  The Sunday Times and British Climate by Miceal O'Ronain & John L. Daly
How the London Sunday Times has been distorting climatic data without so much as a murmur from the originators of that data.
(20 Nov 2001)

   The Nenana Ice Classic: Betting on Warming  (28 Oct 2001). Alaskans have been betting on the date and time of the river ice breakup at Nenana every Spring. Now the Greenhouse Industry is in on the act, with some sloppy science in `Science' in the run-up to the COP7 climate conference at Marrakech, Morocco.

Quality Control - CRU Style (15 Aug 2001).  The full story on CRU's lack of quality control. 

A Clap of Thunder (12 May 2001).  The saga of the Barrow Thunderstorm of 19th June 2000 in Alaska.

The Return of `Moby Dick' (17 April 2001) Two new papers about the deep oceans in the journal Science which make lots of questionable assumptions rendering their conclusions equally rubbery. 

A Smoking Pea-Shooter (19 March 2001) The latest scare story from the industry is that human influence on the  greenhouse effect has now been measured in a British study of two sets of satellite data 27 years apart. This report examines the details of the study and reveals some surprising facts not reported in the media, including what may be a significant flaw in the study itself. 

The Top of the World: Is the North Pole Turning to Water? (2 Feb 2001) Water at the North Pole was big news in August 2000. Was it just another media scare story, or is the Arctic sea ice really disappearing?  This report details the whole issue of Arctic sea ice.  Also - the BBC.  See their latest report on Arctic Sea Ice here

  The `Hockey Stick': A New Low in Climate Science (12 Nov 2000)  
The new dogma by both the IPCC and US National Assessment is that the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age during the last millennium never happened. Their claim is both false and politically inspired.

    IPCC's `TAR-2000' - A Discernible Political Influence...  (23 April 00)
The misleading half-truths in the latest IPCC draft

   Skating on Thin Ice (23 Jan 2000) - The saga of Arctic sea ice thickness 

   Greenhouse Sulfury (15 July 99) Hot debates about cool sulphur in the atmosphere. Is it all just Junk Science?

    Warming by Proxy - What are `proxy' studies, and how seriously should we treat them?

   Moby Dick's Revenge   (The Ghosts of Dead Whales Haunting Climate Science)

   `Granger Causality'    (Statistics Throws a Leaky Lifeline to Greenhouse)

   The Bering Glacier. Global Warming Meltdown?   (or just GreenPeace hype?)

  "A Discernible Human Influence ..."   (The real origin of that IPCC claim)

  Talking To The Trees in Tasmania      (How Dr Ed Cook misreads his tree rings)

  Hot Air at Low Head Lighthouse     (Some love the hot days behind the bushes)
(Includes a response by Neil Plummer of the National Climate Centre)

 The `National Assessment': Regional Pain with No Gain  (14 Sept 2000). A critical analysis of the NAS treatment of the US regions. 

 The `National Assessment' Overview: Politics Disguised as Science  (22 Aug 2000). A critical review of the details of the US `National Assessment report to Congress. 

  Testing the Waters: A Report on Sea Levels (13 July 2000). A new report which demonstrates that the seas are not rising as claimed.

 The Surface Record: Global Mean Temperature and How it is Determined at Surface Level (31 May 2000)  
  Also see this Review by the Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change, Phoenix, AZ  

 Warming by Proxy (14-Mar 99) -  What are `proxy' studies, and how seriously should we treat them?

  El Niño and Global Temperature (22 Nov 98) - How changes in global temperature are determined not by human activity, but by the El Niño/La Niña cycle

  Days of Sunshine     how the Sun has warmed up the Earth during the last few centuries

  What's Wrong With The Surface Record?    How claims of warming this century may be largely due to instrument and data gathering errors. Includes comments by Prof S. Fred Singer and Dr Vincent Gray   (1998)

  The Deep Blue Sea    How the oceans keep the climate under control 

 A Lukewarm Greenhouse  -   How `warm' will Global Warming get? - find out here

 Scientism in the American Meteorological Society -  A critical commentary

 They Said It !  -  Revealing quotes from leading figures in the Greenhouse Industry

 Stephen Schneider, Greenhouse Superstar  -  From Ice Age to Global Warming

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